X1 Social Discovery On-Demand™

X1 Social Discovery On-Demand™ is the industry’s premier solution for the outsourced preservation and collection of critical social media data and website content. Full metadata collections and PDF reports from the industry-leading X1 Social Discovery software can now be enjoyed within hours with no hardware, software, staff investment or training required.

Unlike virtually any other type of information, social media data can be exceptionally challenging to preserve and collect due to constant changes in the underlying social media platforms themselves. Preserving and collecting social media information has become increasingly challenging for eDiscovery practitioners, investigators and law enforcement – especially all-important ‘metadata’ which can corroborate or dispute key claims or defenses made in court. Authenticating social media evidence in courts of law globally has become critical. As the industry’s first social media collection technology and with nearly a decade of experience forensically preserving and collecting social media, X1 is uniquely positioned to make its market-leading technology and deep bench of experts available to customers globally in real-time, on an ‘on-demand’ basis to assist clients, whenever they need it.

Key advantages include:

  • Affordable per collection offering
  • Start right away. Immediate data collection provided by X1
  • Scalable solution, no software installed or training required
  • No IT costs
  • Secure infrastructure
  • Fast, industry-leading solution

“With X1 Social Discovery, it’s not only the ability to collect the information across multiple forms of media and websites, it’s that the critical evidence and metadata I need are preserved with X1,” said Brett Webber, Principal at ConsilAD. “I have used X1 Social Discovery in more than 2,500 investigations, legal and law enforcement matters, so I know that X1 collections are preserved to best practice forensic standards. Knowing that the data collected is properly preserved and having that confidence in the solution is critical when performing investigations or dealing with any legal or law enforcement matters. You get that with X1.”

X1 Social Discovery On-Demand is now available from X1. Contact Sales for more information.

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