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“Act Reasonably” — Two Court-Issued Checklists Outlining Defensible, Targeted ESI Collection

Recently two separate and prominent courts — the federal court for the Northern District of California and the Delaware Court of Chancery (which is the primary court of equity for …


“Elephant in the Room” – Case Studies of Social Media in Civil and Criminal Cases

Editor’s Note: We are pleased to welcome a guest blogger Mark Lanterman, Chief Technology Officer of Computer Forensics Services, Inc, (CFS) a Minnesota-based eDiscovery and computer forensics services firm. CFS …


“IF YOU AINT BLASTIN, YOU AINT LASTIN!!!!”: How to Authenticate Incriminating Social Media Evidence

In our recent social media ethics webinar with John Browning of Lewis, Brisbois, (recording and slides available here) we noted the significant number of recent criminal matters involving key social …


CaCPA Compliance Requires Effective Investigation and eDiscovery Capabilities

The California Consumer Protection Act, (CaCPA ), which will be in full force on January 1, 2020,  promises to profoundly impact major US and global organizations, requiring the overhaul of …